Sunday, February 10, 2008


At my current pace I'm averaging an astonishing one post every three years (yes... that's two years ahead of my target schedule).  Now that I've raised the bar for myself I'll have to overcome the burnout and fatigue commonly associated with this frenetic pace I hope to maintain, so please bare with me.

Assuming I am able to pull it off, fingers crossed, I'll have something for you all in 2011 (and when I say "you all" I'm referring to Ali Dogramaci, Patrick Blaine, the guy offering any Desired College Degree in less than 2 weeks, the gentleman offering free porn with no age verification required, and last but not least the guy who found my blog inquisitive and believed that I may find his day to day life interesting.


Danny Kim said...

Great Painting!!! Hi, this is Danny. It was nice meeting you on Wednesday. I look forward to working with you and learn a lot from you. I am going to add you into my link if that is ok with you.

Edwin Rosell said...

How's it going Clarence, sweet piece!
Didn't you used to do comic work? I think I inked your work a few times. Looking forward to your future posts.

Edwin Rosell said...
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Matt Scheuerman said...

Awesome piece. I'm not into creature concepts but this is a great painting. Looking forward to updates

javier suppa said...

its amazing
good luck from argentina

Matthew Scheuerman said...

Hey! Post some new work!